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Chibi(?) Tyuniflower
Wildflower-Ivalia's OC Wildflower and my OC Tyuni cuddling... 

I haven't uploaded anything in a while, huh?
Anyway, I have been sick for the last few days and I decided to draw this today.
A gift for unluckytalisman.
I tried, I really did but I feel like he looks a bit girly.
But that's what I get for borrowing Meka's eye for this.

Asriel, in the odd event that you'd actually wanna use this I also have one facing the other way.
I uploaded this one though so that him and Meka could be facing each other or back to back because brOTP
Meka 2017 ref sheet
Figured I'd update her ref sheet. I'll add more to it when I feel artistically motivated to do so.
Definitely need to change her dress up more, it's super plain. 
If you have any clothing adopts and happen to see this feel free to drop them and your prices below :D

Here is her bio, copy-pasted from her old ref sheet because I am boring.

Name: Meka (Me-kah)
age: 16
gender: female
Species: Goat monster/ Boss monster
Sexual orientation: Asexual, aromantic
height: 170cm (so about 15 cm shorter than Toriel)
weight: How rude! You can't ask a girl how much she weighs! 

Likes: being with her family, games, drawing, helping out.
Dislikes: people who talk over her in the middle of a sentence, being too hot or cold.

Fears: Acrophobia- fear of heights
          Agliophobia- fear of pain
          Hemophobia- fear of blood

Location: Lives North-West of snowdin with her family. Her family was not known about until the river person (who knew because they know all) bought an incredibly sick monster to her mother, who is a healer.
Family: Mother, Father, sister.
            9 Year old sister is named Kapral.
relationships: Ikki (adoptive brother), Boomerang (good friend) 

Skills and attacks: Although she is just learning to master her magic, Meka is capable of healing and attacking. She uses a form of fire magic.

regular attack(s):
 Fire Wall. sends a wall of fire down upon the defender. The wall has 1-3 holes in it that the defender can slip through.
 Flame volley: sends 3-5 large balls of fire (not simultaneously) towards the defender. Low accuracy but has a high attack strength.
 Healing touch: like her mother, Meka can heal. A green fire is showered down upon the defender. Every flame that  touches them heals 3HP.

Special attack(s): Heart flame. Attack can only be used when she is enraged/frightened after a member of her family is attacked, or has been injured herself, but to the point of being near death. She becomes so worked up that she creates rings of fire that surrounds the defender and bombards them. Almost never uses this attack as she doesn't want to kill people.
Burning cloak: She envelops herself in fire and magic. A life threatening attack, but it hurts the attacker every time she is touched or touches them.
Sleep inducer (needs better name): Meka summons raw magic at her finger tips and uses it to jab an opponent. It can do as much as induce sleep or do as little as cause partial paralysis if the opponent has DETERMINATION. Can be reversed by being hit with a magic pulse again, though it can be dangerous.

About her: Meka is generally awkward and quiet around strangers, but is a fluffy goofball when she is around those she is close to. After her family was introduced to other monsters Meka became familiar with many of them and she and her sister Kapral refer to the monsters that they know (that are older) as Aunt/Aunty and Uncle (e.g, Uncle Sans, Aunt Alphys). Loves to be with Kapral and is extremely protective/motherly towards her. In the presence of one of her phobias things such as hyperventilating, paralysis or even in extreme cases fainting may occur. But she is able to overcome those fears if those she loves are in danger. She enjoys cooking, drawing, gaming and going for long walks (although she is not fond of snow. Snowdin probably isn't the best place for her to be living Sweating a little...)

Note: She is not related to toriel, asgore, asriel etc in any way. And please don't say "she's a goat, they must be related", because that's like saying that because you and I are humans we are related. Also I wanted her to not be involved with canon characters but due to a request from my little sister (whose fursona happens to be the goatling Kapral) they interact with canon characters every now and then. Also in the picture she is shown to have breasts but she is not super busty so please don't draw her like that. Also yes she is chubby.
Underscale Meka
Meka but as an Underscale character. Underscale belongs to Endlesshunter 
I made this a while ago, I'm sorry Endless that I haven't RP'd with you, motivation is lacking.

Monsters seemed to have coloured souls in this universe so Meka gets a mixture of kindness, patience and perseverance. 


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